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Alisys has developed the first prototype VA in Google Assistant that will transform omnichannel customer service

07 March 2018
Google Assistant

This week at Stand 30 of the Spain Pavilion, the prototype of the virtual assistant based on AI integrated Google Assistant and developed by Alisys will be available, which will enable brands to connect their customer service with Google's ecosystem.

On this particular occasion, the prototype which is to be on display at the international event is an example of an application for the hotel sector, but these types of conversational assistants can be applied to all businesses which would like to improve their customer service by adopting omnichannel strategies; including conversational agents, as yet another means of communicating with users. This technology, based on the processing of natural language and on the company's own AI platform, will allow businesses to deploy intelligent agents in mobile devices and wearables, speakers, Smart TVs and cars, which coordinate themselves with traditional means of contact such as telephones and email, webchat, social networks and mobile messaging applications.

“It is essential to explore technologies which situate customer service within a context which is closer, and which makes more sense, to the user. According to Gartner, there will be 20,000 million devices connected to the Internet in 2020, without counting mobile phones and personal computers. The advance of AI and IoT applications will enable the same connected services and products to communicate with their users, integrated with the customer service and trademark infrastructures. The communication channels will cease to be an obstacle for a customer experience which is always personalized and adapted to the specific experience of the user," explains Daniel Setó, Director of Innovation at Alisys.

An intelligent virtual assistant for a better client experience

The prototype demonstrates the potential of this technology when applied to customer service.

Among the possible functions, the most noteworthy are as follows: connecting with an agent in the reception, booking an appointment with the different facilities of a hotel complex, managing a restaurant's meals and service, as well as automatically connecting to the facilities' intelligent systems, paving the way for the next generation of IoT in the tourism sector. The result is an improved and sophisticated customer experience and a better interaction with brands that will provide intelligent and automated assistance throughout the customer's stay.

We plan to continue to develop the prototype, incorporating new functions which follow this type of innovation, looking to integrate conversational interfaces in customer service.

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