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At the MWC18, Alisys will be showcasing an integrated system based on Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Walmeric

26 February 2018
Alisys and Walmeric

At the MWC18 Alisys will be showcasing one of its success stories involving the integration of  Alisys Cloud CX with Walmeric's specialist platform in Lead Management.

For yet another year, Alisys has been chosen by as an exhibiting company at the MWC18 Barcelona, thanks to the innovative nature of their specialised cloud-based customer service solutions.

Throughout the week congress attendees will be able to acquire first-hand knowledge of the company's products at stand 30 in the Spain Pavilion, located in the Congress Square area (CS30 and CS50) alongside the sixty Spanish companies actively taking part in the event. 

This year, for the first time, Alisys will be showcasing one of their success stories, in collaboration with Walmeric: the integration of Alisys Cloud CX with the latter's specialist platform in Lead Management and automated sales.

The result is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system which enables the measuring and extraction of key information throughout the entire user/agent conversation, thanks to a system based on conversational tagging.

This integration between platforms enables agents to increase their commercial efficiency as well as their sales figures.

The CEO of Walmeric, Antonio Fernández, explained to us the processes behind their technology: "We capture the leads from digital marketing campaigns, we evaluate them, and they are sent out via the most efficient medium (WhatsApp, telephone, chat, Facebook Messenger) to the most qualified agent to finalise the sale.  With this treatment of the lead, we are applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning via bots and conversational tagging."

At this point in the conversation with the agent, Alisys Cloud CX contributes to the lead management process. The agent is able to manage their conversation via a single interface and all of the conversation,  statistics and feedback will be processed and sent again thanks to this integration between platforms.

For this to happen, the conversational tagging carried out by the agents is processed in order to bring together the lead's digital fingerprint  and the commercial result. This information travels to the digital marketing platforms in order to generate a reassessment as lookalike audiences or to optimise the investment in publicity.

This integration enables us to apply an artificial intelligence system in the sales and customer experience structure of the final client, who will then be able to increase their sales, maximising their conversation and concentrating their commercial strengths on the segment which is mature and ready for sale.

Alisys' Director of Sales and Marketing, Ángel Barrio Vilar, has highlighted the potential and impact of Cloud CX on tailor-made integrations for the client: "With Cloud CX we bring together omnichannel customer service. Our clients will be able to offer a unique, channel- managing interface with their customer service.

What's more, the added value of Cloud CX is its technology based on AI and analytical motors: we measure, classify and customize all of this interaction with the agents to offer advanced monitoring and reporting of everything that has happened throughout this process."

We can conclude that this collaboration between both platforms generates the following advantages and innovations:

- Artificial Intelligence that is integrated in the structure of the client's sales.

- Expertise in the online sales channel. Sales automation and optimization of the conversation ratio.

- The ability to integrate all the analytics and metrics of emotion and conversion in order to keep on grading the lead and obtaining a real and complete lead management within the customer journey.

- The professionalism of the management of agents and campaigns with a contact center methodology.

- Total traceability: advanced records, analytics and reports for all the administration which goes through the platform.

Omnichannel customer service. All of our conversations in one single platform. Cloud CX can integrate itself in any channel.

Without a doubt, this is a model of multiplatform integration and collaboration, which enables the bringing together of marketing and sales ecosystems to achieve a business intelligence that is applied to sales and customer service and that has a positive impact on the ratios of the final conversion.

At present, Alisys and Walmeric are working on the development of highly advanced features such as the integration of video and cobrowsing systems to improve the user experience.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a steady commitment to the innovation and future of the data-driven customer experience.  

For more information regarding Alisys, you can request an appointment or get in touch via their Alisys.

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