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Educational robotics and artificial intelligence at Laude El Altillo School

13 June 2018
Educational robotics

Alisys and the robot Pepper visited Laude El Altillo School to give a presentation on robotics and artificial intelligence.

The General Manager of Alisys, Eduardo Gómez de Tostón, and the robot Pepper visited the Laude El Altillo School to give a presentation with the aim of introducing the students to the state of the art of artificial intelligence technology and social robotics.

 Robot Pepper education

In addition to getting to know the basic concepts of artificial intelligence, during the meeting and in a lively and participative dialogue, topics such as possible applications and use cases of these tools or the social implications and challenges of their use were discussed and also how they will be part of the student’s personal and professional future.

The students of the fourth year of secondary school and also first year high school students of Laude El Altillo School experienced some of the practical applications of artificial intelligence hand in hand with the robot Pepper. For the General Manager of Alisys, "artificial intelligence and social robots will be increasingly present in the education system in the coming years because of their ability to enrich the learning process, establish an emotional connection and motivate students".

 Robot Pepper education

Pepper is the humanoid robot designed, among other applications, to energize educational methods, bring artificial intelligence and innovation to schools. Laude El Altillo School students attended a practical demonstration of artificial intelligence, interacted and learned how to program Pepper through a simulator connected to a computer.

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