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Pepper in retail to improve customer service

14 June 2018
Pepper in retail

The robot improves the customer experience and incorporates new technologies at the point of sale.

Hermanos Pérez Fruit and Vegetable Shop has shown in one of its stores, located in Jerez de la Frontera, some of Pepper's point-of-sale applications. The humanoid robot that, thanks to its ability to establish a natural dialogue with the user and provide visual information on its tablet, improves the experience and the relationship with the customer.

Able to identify verbal language, gestures and emotions, Pepper dialogues, interacts and empathizes with the user. The popular humanoid robot is therefore the new interface that allows you to speed up and improve customer service in shops and points of sale.

According to the study by Capgemini, consumers are willing to pay 5% more for their purchases in exchange for a good experience with a voice assistant. The percentage increases to 16% for consumer and retail products. Pepper welcomes customers, helps sellers provide information to users, informs them of the day's offers, shows the establishment's website on its tablet embedded in its chest and can recognize products through the 3D camera installed in its head, among other features. Thus, points of sale have at their disposal a new communication channel to improve customer service.

Integrating Pepper with other applications, the robot can recognize a product tag and inform the user about product availability, price or location within a store. In addition, it has the ability to assist the customer in the purchasing process by recommending products based on consumer preferences. Major brands such as Carrefour, Renault and Nespresso, among others, have already incorporated Pepper into their sales outlets.

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