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Robot Pepper

Pepper Robot

Pepper is the new interface for communicating, interacting and empathising with people. Can establish a natural dialogue and offer visual information via its tablet, giving man-machine relations another dimension.
Pepper for events and marketing

Pepper for events and marketing

Artificial intelligence and technological innovation to garner users' interest, creating commercial opportunities and increasing brand recognition:
  • Pepper leads
    Gathering and digitalising leads
  • Pepper integration
    Integration with CRM, ERP, ecommerce or web
  • Pepper brand ambassador
    Brand ambassador at events
  • Pepper promotions
    Competitions, promotions, coupons, etc.
Pepper for business

Pepper for business and customer service

Pepper speeds up and improves relations with clients, incorporating a new communication channel. It informs and talks to the public:
  • Pepper information point
    Information point
  • Pepper point of sale
    Point of sale promoter
  • Pepper assisting
    Greeting and assisting clients
  • Pepper Voice
    Voice dialling
Pepper for educational

Pepper for educational and social uses

Pepper boosts the learning process and puts theory into practice. It piques students' interest thanks to its empathy and expressivity:
  • Robotics campus
    Robotics campus
  • Pepper Interactive classroom
    Interactive classroom teaching
  • Pepper educational games
    Educational games
  • Pepper technological innovation
    Enhancing technological innovation

How Pepper does it

As partners of Softbank Robotics we provide personalized services, sale and provision of the Pepper robots.
  • Pepper indentifies verbal
    Pepper identifies verbal language and gestures
  • Pepper empathises
    Pepper empathises with users
  • Pepper facial recognition
    Facial recognition and response to emotions
  • Pepper human comunication
    Natural, fluid and human communication
  • Pepper multi-lingual
  • Pepper tablet
    Pepper offers visual information via the Tablet embedded into its chest

This is Pepper

This is Pepper
All the information in our Pepper file
Pepper is humanoid robot completely personalised, can recognise verbal language and gestures, respond to emotions. Pepper is fully interactive and has an internet connection through its integrated tablet.
Pepper sheet
Partners Softbank Robotics
Official partner of Softbank Robotics
Experts in artificial intelligence and Alisys Intelligence user experience evaluate the objectives and needs of each client to design and implement personalised services for Pepper.
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