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Alisys Cloud Contact CenterAlisys Cloud Contact Center

Alisys Cloud Contact Center is the solution for the automation and efficient management of the contact center that optimizes the investment and improves the quality of customer service.
Alisys Cloud Contact Center Interface

Integration and custom development

Custom development and integration with third-party APIs. IVR features included for managing interactive responses via keyboard, voice recognition, voiceprint or natural language requests.

Simplification of management and cost optimisation

As a licensed telecommunication operator, Alisys provides cloud contact center solutions and manages telephones and DID resources. Real-time tracking of adherence to service needs and pay-per-use model.


Information security management system certified according to ISO27001. Automatic and transparent updates in all applications of the solution.

Increase in productivity

Access from any location and option of teleworking agents. Minimum migration, provisioning and configuration times.

Alisys Solution for the Contact Center

Alisys Solution for the Contact Center

Agent view panel

Cloud Contact Center: panel agent
Alisys Cloud Contact Center: panel agent, argumentative
Alisys Cloud Contact Center
Alisys Cloud Contact Center: panel agent, replanning

Supervisory view panel

Alisys Cloud Contact Center: supervisory panel
Alisys Cloud Contact Center: supervisory panel, administrator and user edition
Alisys Cloud Contact Center: supervisory panel
Alisys Cloud Contact Center: supervisory panel, report and transactions

Use case

Customizing the Customer Relationship

A company needs to improve the quality of customer service by offering a personalized service and reducing the time required to manage customer queries.

When an agent receives a call, Alisys Cloud Contact Center shows relevant information about the user such as personal user data, contracted services, call history or the status of open incidents, among others. The support department can then offer a personalized experience and add comments that will be incorporated into the customer information.

Customizin the Customer Relationship

Outstanding features

  • Multiple dialing modes

    Multiple dialing modes

    Adaptive predictive, automatic preview, manual preview and agent-less autodialing.
  • Support for multimedia interactions

    Support for multimedia interactions

    Email, Twitter, Chat or Back-Office.
  • Dynamic Business Router

    Dynamic Business Router

    Strategic and dynamic routing of interactions, designed to optimize the return on investment.
  • Real-time monitoring views

    Real-time monitoring views

    Possibility of listening and conferencing-in calls by the supervisor.
  • Reports


  • Call Recording

    Call Recording

  • Technical support by Alisys

    Specialized technical support by Alisys

  • Architecture


    Pure cloud service, hosted or hybrid, on redundant platforms with dynamic virtualization systems..
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