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Alisys Time StampingAlisys Time Stamping

Alisys time stamping is the online solution that allows you to prove that some data existed at a certain point in time in the past and has not been subsequently modified.

Authorised by the FNMT- RCM

Digital time authority provided by the Spanish Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (National Mint).

Time stamping using blockchain

Certification of the moment when the information contained in a digital file was created using blockchain technology.

API Availability

Availability of web service API for integration with third-party applications.

Security and confidentiality

Documents certified with Alisys Time Stamping are encrypted using mathematical algorithms before being processed by the platform.

Alisys solution for time stamping

Alisys solution for time stamping

Panels Alisys Time Stamping

Alisys Time Stamping panel
Alisys Time Stamping access panel
Alisys Time Stamping panel
Alisys Time Stamping consultation panel

Use case

Time stamping for electronic invoicing
The use of long-term digital signatures, which require the use of an authorized time stamp, is mandatory in the use of electronic invoicing with the public administration.

Transparency in government
The legislation of some countries establishes the need for public bodies to disseminate their contractor profile via the Internet and for the computer system supporting this profile to have a system that allows for reliable accreditation of the moment when the information is first disseminated.
Transparency in government

Outstanding features

  • Online panel

    Access to online panel for time stamping digital files

  • Tool for time stamp

    Tool for time stamp verification

  • Encryption

    File encryption using mathematical algorithms

  • Easy integration

    Easy integration with existing applications

  • Robust platform

    Robust, safe and usable platform

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