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Blockchain SolutionsBlockchain solutions

Alisys promotes the digital transformation of organizations through the integration of blockchain technology in their processes, providing them with greater flexibility, reliability and trustworthiness.
Blockchain solutions

Reliability in a decentralized environment

The information is distributed in real time among all the nodes of the Network. Blockchain operates in a public and decentralized manner, so no central authority or third party can act on it.

Traceability in an unalterable network

Specially designed to avoid alteration and manipulation, the data is transferred from a transmitter to a receiver directly and without intermediaries, combining validation of the information with encryption.

Application development through smart contracts

Smart Contracts are software applications that run on blockchain to ensure that transactions and agreements are verifiable, secure and unalterable.

Blockchain solution scheme

Blockchain solutions scheme

Nodes Ethereum and Alastria

Node Ethereum
Node Alastria

Blockchain solutions

Time stamping for document certification

Solution with an online platform based on blockchain that allows to certify the moment when the information contained in a document was created and to guarantee that it has not been modified since then.

Management of express consent -GDPR-

System for managing the register of express consent for the processing of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. The solution combines compliance with GDPR principles with the reliability and immutability benefits of blockchain technology.

Custom integrations

Design and development of customized blockchain solutions for integration into existing processes.

Use case

Time stamping for certification of recordings of a telecommunications operator

Integration of the technology of the Ethereum blockchain into an operator's call recording certification system. Development of smart contract for the time stamping service to obtain the digital signature used in the file certification process with the recording of the conversation.

Time stamping for certification
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