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GDPR using blockchainCompliance with the GDPR using blockchain

Alisys develops solutions that take advantage of the reliability and immutability benefits of blockchain technology to ensure compliance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations.
Compliance with the GDPR

Anonymization and data confidentiality

Personal data is neither shared with the blockchain network nor stored in the application, but is anonymized through the generation of a cryptographic hash.

Record of verifiable express consent

The existence of express consent associated with personal data can be verified externally even after revocation, without the need to retain personal data.

Integrity and traceability of the register

Specially designed to prevent manipulation, anonymized data is transferred from a sender to a receiver directly and without intermediaries, combining validation of the information by the nodes with data encryption.

Alisys solution for GDPR compliance using Blockchain

Alisys solution for GDPR

Consent management interface

Acces panel GDPR
Access panel
Records management GDPR
Records management panel

Use case

Verification of the existence of express consent following a user's complaint

An organization needs to verify, for the sake of a legal compliance, that it has the express consent of a contact in its database.

The Alisys interface query shows, through the decryption of your personally identifiable information, information regarding the moment in time when your consent was provided, whether any changes were made to your data, the legal policies accepted, or whether you revoked your consent at any time. It also provides the public link to the record of the relevant transactions on the Ethereum network.

Legal compliance

Outstanding features

  • Time stamping

    Time stamping

  • Cryptographic hashing

    Cryptographic hashing

  • Integration API

    Integration through API.

  • Consultation portal GDPR

    Secure consent consultation portal

  • Smart contract

    Smart contract

  • Multiple identifyn data

    Possibility of establishing multiple identifying data

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