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Chatbots and virtual assistantsChatbots and virtual assistants

Alisys drives the digital transformation of organizations by designing, developing and integrating chatbots into different access interfaces to improve the customer experience and process efficiency.
Virtual assistants

Collaboration with human agents

Human assistance to resolve unscheduled requests and the ability to analyze the conversation between the agent and the user, learn from it and apply it to similar situations in the future.


Manage a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous conversations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cost savings

Increased efficiency, cost reduction and optimization of user request management time.

Analysis of conversations

Monitoring and analysis of conversations to improve service quality and obtain valuable insights.

Chatbots and virtual assistants Alisys

Chatbots and virtual assistant Alisys

Use cases

Conversational bot for energy company incident management
A prototype of a conversational bot equipped with artificial intelligence to manage the service and diagnosis of energy supply incidences via social media and instant messaging applications.
Bot for energy company
Application for Google Assistant: Mi hotel

The first ever virtual assistant prototype in Spanish for the hospitality industry with built-in Google Assistant.

Guests can manage home automation, book services and make requests to reception and/or room service.

Based on natural language processing and Alisys' artificial intelligence platform.

Application for Google Assistant

Other use cases

Google Assistant

Unique and interactive personal advice and assistance. Integration of bots in Google Assistant.

24x7 service chatbot

Availability of customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chatbot collections and recoveries

Automation of the collection management processes by sending reminders and personalized messages.

Chatbot for marketing campaigns

Technological innovation at the service of brands to redefine the concepts of notoriety, loyalty and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Chatbot

Streamlines the process of answering frequently asked questions by transforming them into a conversation with the customer.

Chatbot for lead management

Improve sales ratios by capturing quality leads in real time and providing valuable insights on the user to design marketing campaigns.

Outstanding features

  • Outstanding features

    Multimedia support

  • Alisys Cloud

    Alisys Cloud Hosting

  • Dialogue design

    Dialogue design

  • Monthly training

    Monthly training

  • Integration with platforms

    Integration with third-party platforms

  • Customer support solutions

    Compatible with customer support solutions

  • Own platform

    Own platform

  • Expert advice

    Expert advice

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