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We are Softbank Robotics partners

Humanoid robots are the new interfaces for communicating, interacting and empathizing with people. They play a key role in the digital transformation of companies through their ability to bring a new dimension to human-machine relations.

Tailor-made solutions

As Softbank Robotics partners, we provide customized services, sales and service for Pepper and NAO robots.
  • Desing and development for robots
    Design and development of custom applications for robots
  • Distribution and sale of robots
    Distribution and sale of robots
  • Customized services for robots
    Customized services for educational, social, marketing and advertising projects through robots
  • Robots at events
    Provision of robots at events, points of sale or customer service
  • Customized training for robots
    Customized training for clients in programming or application development

Our robots

Robot Pepper

This is Pepper

120-centimeter humanoid robot. Fully customizable, capable of identifying verbal language, gestures and responding to emotions. Interactive and with internet connection through its integrated tablet.
Robot NAO

This is NAO

60 cm humanoid robot. It is fully interactive and highly mobile. Walks, listens, has facial recognition and performs complex movements, generating emotional connection with all kinds of audiences.
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