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Virtual PBXAlisys Virtual PBX

Alisys Virtual PBX is the solution for the efficient management of enterprise telephony systems with advanced IP telephony, PBX and IVR functionalities.
Virtual PBX Interface

Integration and custom development

Integration through SIP protocol with any proprietary device or switch, including solutions that do not communicate via VoIP.


As a telecommunication registered provider, Alisys can manage national and international DIDs to more than 65 countries. Competitive rates for calls to landline and mobile and unlimited free calls between Alisys customers.

Cost optimization

No registration fees, no initial investment and no maintenance costs. Available under the pay-per-use model.

Web control panel

Centralized real-time management of users and services. 4 control panels available: boss/assistant, agent, audioconference and webfax.

Alisys Solution for Virtual PBX

Alisys Solution for Virtual PBX

Panels Alisys Virtual PBX

Panels Alisys Virtual PBX
Alisys Virtual PBX: configuration panel (supervisor)
Alisys Virtual PBX
Alisys Virtual PBX: dashboard panel (supervisor)
Alisys Virtual PBX:report panel
Alisys Virtual PBX: report panel (supervisor)
Alisys Virtual PBX:on hold
Alisys Virtual PBX: on hold (agent)

Use case

Managing the telephone system of a company with offices in different cities

A company needs to efficiently manage the telephony system between offices located in different regions.

Alisys Virtual PBX brings together the entire company's telephony system and manages the configuration of each branch office from a single PBX. The solution forwards the call to be answered to the appropriate destination.

Managing the telephone system

Outstanding features

  • IP Telephony

    IP Telephony

    Users can access their phone extensions from anywhere with an Internet connection, via physical handsets or mobile software running on a tablet or PC (softphone). Alisys offers a complete catalogue of approved telephone terminals and softphones.
  • Cloud Technology

    Cloud Technology

    Integrated telephony service with job management features and advanced options without the need for specialized hardware or software elements or registration fees, sold on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Call routing

    Call routing capabilities

    Management of incoming calls through fully customized routing by phone number or set of phone numbers.
  • IVR


    • Interactive menus managed by pressing digits or codes on the telephone handset.
    • Voice Recognition (ASR).
  • Reports and statistics

    Reports and statistics

    • Management of reports according to multiple criteria.
    • Real-time monitor: display of active calls in the system.
  • PBX

    PBX Functions and Workplace Management

    • Restriction of incoming calls by provincial or international granularity, type of telephone or numbering.
    • Control of the duration of calls according to categories of destination telephone numbers.
  • Integrated services

    Integrated services

    Conversation recording, audio conferencing, advanced ACD, Faxmail, SIP Trunk and numbering.
  • Specialized support

    Specialized support provided by Alisys staff

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