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Click to call WebRTCClick to call WebRTC

Click to call WebRTC is Alisys solution for establishing direct voice contact between customer service and the visitor of a website through the browser in a single click.

Cost optimization

One-call generation reduces customer service management costs when compared to traditional click-to-call solutions.

Improves customer satisfaction

Addition of a new channel for quick and direct contact between organizations and users. Web visitors can communicate directly through the microphone and speakers, without installing additional applications.

Integration with other solutions

Possibility of integration with customer service, analytics, CRM and lead management solutions.

Alisys Solution for click to call webRTC

Alisys Solution for click to call webRTC

Use case

Online Lead Management

A company needs to efficiently manage the contacts of potential customers on its website without associated cost increases.

The web allows the customer to perform a voice contact from the browser during business hours. When a user submits the form or clicks on it, the contact is automatically established with an agent who answers their query. The web visitors only need to use the microphone and speakers of their device to talk to the company.

Online Lead Management

Outstanding features

  • Control Panel

    Management and configuration through control panel

  • Customization of the click to call

    Customization of the click-to-call button to adapt it to the company's image

  • No software installations

    No software installations or additional equipment

  • Reports

    Possibility of usage reports

  • Anti-fraud filters

    Anti-fraud filters

  • Integration with other solutions

    Integration with other solutions

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